Wednesday, October 05, 2005

By the Lake

The Raven Harp

You know, of course, of the Loom –
for ‘tis part of each spirits memory
of the musical score on which this Attention
is writ and gifted thee in Covenant.

Close your nether eye and rest –
the woof strands stretch from whence to everbeen,
numbering twenty-four in Current suspension
which is of our being and endearment.

Pray ignore for a moment –
the slipp’ry shuttle and fine colored thread
you have chosen for a tapestry of being,
and claim a new image of wonder.

Imagine a cosmic harp –
one of known strings turned tight and tuned,
that murmur Aeolian before the breath of god,
never stilled except by your intention.

Escape Hamlet’s dilemma –
for there are three, not two choice of being;
and these can be mixed and varied in delusion,
save you must act within each Current sound.

You may just enjoy the song –
Simply reaching out with proud soul whiskers
to embrace the vibrations in profound ecstasy
that sing of eternal love and creation.

Or you may pluck the strings –
joining with that vibrant touch of wisdom,
and adding to resonance and sound quality
to caress all spirits so drawn in kind.

Lastly, you may mute the string –
dampen its bold power and energy;
and in so doing choose to deny Source and all,
casting a vote to end this Attention.



At 6:36 PM, Blogger Fran said...

The choices are important. Something to think about for a time.


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