Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Alexandria

For a year now I have been sitting in a comunity in a remote countryside in Britiany. I must tell you about my exciting journey down the coast until l we hoo0ked up with a stagecoach to the interior and the community of my fathers followers. He is high priest in the Essene religion and the whole community have shared all the knowledge they had to bring me to this point in time. Today I turned 18 and have been accepted into Alexandria shared knowledge courses. I can not believe that all my and my mothers dreams are now coming true. Even though she was killed in the first invasion of Iona I know she is watching down on me and is sharing my excitement. Thanks to my fathers influences I can fulfill my destiny. The first thing I have packed is my journal which I fully intend to enter my adventures and progress but first I want to tell you about the trip to this village. It was scary but exciting and I just cant go on until I bring this journey up to date. The only sad part of this whole adventure is that I cannot share it with my mother.



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